Enterprise & Entrepreneurship


Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BTEC is the study of businesses and the people who start them. What makes them successful or not? BTEC is a qualification assessed in a different way.


Researched written reports, presentations and business activities alongside exams gives our students a greater range of assessment points, allowing them to develop skills that future employers and Universities value highly. 


Students learn some of the fundamental business activities such as business finance and developing a marketing campaign. They get the opportunity to research Entrepreneurs and their ventures and apply their new knowledge. Students gain real world knowledge when they run a Social Enterprise activity and need to review the performance.

The course is split into 4 Units of differing weighting and assessment methods:
  • Unit 1 – Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (1/4 weighting) – Students are assessed via a written report on an entrepreneur of their choice and a presentation regarding a business venture. Studied and completed in Lower 6th.
  • Unit 2 – Developing a Marketing Campaign (1/4) – A written exam paper with prepared notes and research prepared by students taken into the exam. Students prepare and write a marketing campaign. Studied and examine in the Upper 6th.
  • Unit 3 – Personal and Business Finance (1/3) – A written exam paper in 2 parts studying personal finances, such as current accounts and over drafts, and business finance, such as cash flow forecast and profit and loss statements. Studied and examine in the Lower 6th.
  • Unit 7 – Social Enterprise (1/6) – A written report on a Social Enterprise and a review of a social enterprise activity. Studied and completed in the Upper 6th.

Students have the opportunity to resubmit written work based on assessor feedback of original submissions. Students have an opportunity to resit examinations they take before the final summer exam. BTEC awards are graded Distinction Star, Distinction, Merit, Pass and Fail. Students gaining a Distinction Star in this qualification gain the same UCAS points (University entrance points) as gaining an A* in an A Level Qualification. BTEC’s are well regarded in many major universities and prepare students with skills such as report writing and presenting which universities value.