Preparation for
the future

HEADER Careers and HE

Sixth Formers work closely with our experienced Head of Futures, Mrs Nicola Hirst, who provides a detailed programme and in-depth advice on degree courses, UCAS applications, work experience and industry access.

University and College Entrance (UCAS)


Application to University or College is overseen by the pupil’s personal tutor with advice from the Head of Futures. There are many different paths students can take after leaving us. Lord Wandsworth College provides students with tutoring, open days and careers fairs to ensure that they make the right choices.


Lower Sixth


Spring Term

  • Attend a presentation on Higher Education and the university application process.

  • Visit an HE fair and the LWC Futures Fair.

  • Have the opportunity to complete the COA Centigrade questionnaire to gather information  about appropriate University courses to match abilities and interests.

  • Start exploring provisional ideas for University courses.

  • Make visits to University open days pre-application.


Summer Term

  • Receive estimated AS and A level grades from subject teachers so that appropriate courses can be selected.

  • Continue to make visits to open days, after AS module examinations.

  • Attend a workshop on how to complete the application online and how to prepare a personal statement. Visiting speakers come to the College to help with this.

Upper Sixth


Autumn Term

  • Provide tutor with a draft personal statement.

  • Discuss with their Tutor who prepares a confidential reference to support the application.

  • See the Head of Futures to have the application form checked before sending it to the admissions service (UCAS).

  • Start to receive responses from Universities and invitations to interviews.


Spring Term

  • Receive final invitations to interviews and responses from Universities.


Summer Term

  • Select two options (a ‘firm’ choice and an ‘insurance’ choice); all other offers are rejected.


Summer Holidays (August)

  • Receive their A Level results.

  • If the grades required by their chosen University have not been achieved – apply for other courses through the ‘Clearing’ system.