The Combined
Cadet Force


The Combined Cadet Force, which is optional, offers pupils the opportunity to challenge themselves through involvement in new and exciting activities.


We follow the Army and RAF Cadet training syllabuses to train the cadets in basic military and aviation skills through attendance at camps, field days and external courses as well as at College.


• To encourage the cadets to face new challenges and extend their own boundaries through outward bound activities.

• To foster and develop in the cadets a sense of leadership, responsibility, initiative and teamwork.

• To enable the cadets to experience a broad range of the opportunities that Service life has to offer both in the UK and abroad.

  • What We Do
    • We train every week where each of the two Services, Army and RAF, follows a basic training programme.

    • The Army learn and practise basic military skills such as drill and turnout, navigation, fieldcraft, first aid, weapons training and shooting.

    • The RAF learn about aviation with topics such as airmanship, principles of flight and air navigation. They can expect to fly in a light aircraft every year as part of their training.
    • Both Army and RAF attend an annual Field Day, normally at a military base in the UK.
    • We run regular overnight Exercises for the cadets to put into practice the skills that they have learnt in training.

    • We run two‘Adventure Training’ Camps per year where the cadets get the opportunity to try mountain biking, climbing, navigation in the hills, caving and canyoning.

    • The Summer Camp is the culmination of the training year and here the cadets are given the opportunity to work with other cadet units in a variety of activities, both military and adventurous.

    • Every Summer we have cadets of all ages attending various courses which will give them nationally recognised qualifications such as in sailing, first aid and flying.

    • We also send cadets on the national Cadet Leadership Courses every year.

    • We have a Partnership with the Costello School in Basingstoke and some of their pupils form part of our Contingent.