Gender Pay Report 2023

Difference in mean hourly rate of pay11.6%
Difference in median hourly rate of pay23.8%
Difference in mean bonus pay1.3%
Difference in median bonus pay 0%
Proportion of employees receiving bonus pay6%12.3%
Proprtion of employees quartile bandsUpper48.4%51.6%
Upper Middle54.7%45.3%
Lower Middle64.1%35.9%

Employees of Lord Wandsworth College are employed with one common approach to pay irrespective of gender. There were 255 staff in scope for gender pay reporting on the reporting date, 5th April 2023.


LWC strives to be inclusive and to treat its employees fairly.  LWC also recognises that change takes time and requires concerted effort over the medium to long term to deliver meaningful and sustainable change.


LWC is committed to continually reviewing its processes and policies, including equality, diversity and inclusion.

LWC will be taking consideration of this forward as part of its wider approach to inclusion and belonging across the College. LWC will review policies and practices including recruitment and career paths; and explore the behaviours that may present barriers to retention and progression.


LWC is working on clearer pay structures across all roles, and this has been put in place over the last year for all teaching and business roles.


Continuous professional development is open to everyone and can be promoted particularly to groups under-represented at more senior levels. This is an early and first step towards addressing progression. LWC successfully ran its first Leadership and Management Course for staff in 2023 and will do the same again in 2024. This is to develop and encourage all to be able to progress.


I can confirm that the data provided above is accurate and correct.

Baz Bennett

Chief Operating Officer


March 2024