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At LWC we run the DofE Award at Bronze and Gold levels. 4th Formers are invited to take part in Bronze and L6th (or 5th formers from the age of 16) can apply for the Gold Award.


The awards follow the criteria set out by the Duke of Edinburgh organisation (details can be found here)

Our main aims:


• Bronze level introduces the basic navigation skills and self-reliance required for a two day walking expedition.

• Gold level develops these skills considerably leading up to a four day expedition in wild country.

• At both levels participant must complete skill, volunteering and physical sections.

• Gold participants must also complete a residential section.

  • What we do
    • We go out on two Bronze expeditions throughout the year. The Prelim expedition is in September/October in the local area and the final takes place in May/June on the Isle of Wight.
    • There are three Golds expeditions throughout the year: a practice/training expedition in October (New forest), a Prelim expedition (Brecon Beacons), and the assessed expedition (Dartmoor/Snowdonia).
    • The skill, volunteering and physical sections of the award are planned and executed by the participants themselves and are checked over by a member of staff.
    • The expedition training and planning will happen on a weekly basis during an activity slot during the week.