Football fields at Sutton crop

All pupils are members of a House and enjoy the support of their Houseparent, their tutor and, of course, their Matrons!


They are all led by excellent and dedicated staff who, with their team of Assistant Houseparents and Tutors, provide outstanding pastoral support to all those in their care.


Junior House is home to our 1st and 2nd Form pupils, both boys and girls. Our senior houses accommodate pupils from 3rd Form to Upper Sixth. All our Houses offer day, flexi, weekly and full boarding.


    Gosden is the oldest of the girls’ Houses and has spacious accommodation for around 65 girls. There are two large common rooms which are the social hubs of the House and a large newly refurbished communal kitchen that is always busy.


    The girls quickly feel part of the house and whether day, full boarding or somewhere in between they are very much part of the fabric of Gosden. House hot chocolate on Thursdays after school and socials on Friday nights see all the girls mix, no matter what year they are in. Weekends are lively, lots of cooking, arts & crafts, outings and of course, completing prep together. Sunday night you are likely to find the boarders in a cosy corner of the TV room watching a film.

    Each girl is in a ‘family group’ named after notable women from history and embody a particular character trait and British value such as mutual respect. These groups meet every two weeks to talk about life/the house/school etc. We always aim to champion integrity and honesty in all that we do, as well as talking to the girls in a way that enables them to find their solutions to issues with our support. Our family group leaders and prefects are all trained peer mentors and provide a peer listening ear and reliable advice. The girls are supportive of each other in a number of ways, from using Pupil Voice in House Council, working together with Subject Ambassadors who offer help with prep to sitting in the foyer just chatting about their day.


    We are fortunate to have a highly experienced and well-loved staff team; our matrons Jo and Emma, our six tutors and I, as Houseparent, aim to ensure all the girls are happy, have fun and achieve their potential having worked in boarding for over 10 years.


    We warmly welcome visitors to experience all that Gosden has to offer.


    Lesley Radmann


    Houseparent: Mrs Lesley Radmann

    Email: radmannl@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Jenny Edgar

    House Tel: 01256 860272


    Haygate House is the largest of the girls’ houses with 70 students and is located next to the Health Centre on the main drive. We have a mixture of day and boarding pupils, and they are all integrated together. Each girl, irrespective of day/boarding status, enjoys the convenience of her own space and many day girls take advantage of this set-up, choosing to flexi-board at least once a week.


    As a house our ethos is to have fun! Kindness and honesty are key to making Haygate the happy place it is where our girls can call it a home from home.


    As the girls’ Houseparent, I live in Haygate with my son and our wonderful dog Pepper. My approach to boarding life is that the house runs at its best when we all work together as a team. This makes for a really happy house. Breakfast Club in my dining room is great fun for the girls every Wednesday and our 7@7 Fitness Club are firm favorites in Haygate.


    We have two common rooms, lovely kitchen facilities, networked and Wifi computer stations and a private garden for the girls to relax in on sunny days! The 6th Formers in Haygate have their own wing with common room area so they can socialise together. There is also a quiet study area with Wifi for their own use.


    There are House ‘socials’ organised by the girls every Friday and these include everything from Halloween or pudding parties to film evenings and quizzes. Socials are also organised between the other houses and the girls and boys meet to enjoy each other’s company.


    Alongside my role, Haygate is staffed by an Assistant Houseparent and four visiting tutors. Between them, they act as the academic tutors for the girls, helping with matters such as time management and the extra-curricular overview. Haygate has two matrons, who look after the domestic arrangements and are also especially good listeners and super chefs!


    Please do come and visit us and see what makes Haygate a fantastic house to belong to.


    Kate Cuff


    Houseparent: Mrs Kate Cuff

    Email: cuffk@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Katia Lannon

    House Tel: 01256 860338


    One of the strongest elements of the pastoral care system at Lord Wandsworth College is the integral role that the House system plays for every student in the College. Hazelveare House is no exception, with a broad range of Day students living with Full, Weekly and Flexi boarders in a happy, settled and family environment (if you can imagine a family of 80 boys!).


    In Hazelveare, we encourage every child to be an individual and to take pride and ownership in all that they do, from setting the standard in the classroom to performing on the stage, the sports field, in music or beyond in the multitude of opportunities that the College offers its pupils. We aim to ensure that every child goes through their time in Hazelveare with a sense of ownership and pride where we all work together and celebrate each other’s successes in a happy, diverse and welcoming environment. To help achieve this, the House has a strong leadership structure with a pupil led house council, pupil Head and Deputy Heads of House and an experienced group of staff who run the tutor groups established in the house.


    Charity plays an integral role in the House, and in particular we support Cardiac Risk in the Young (https://www.c-r-y.org.uk/) which holds a very special place in the heart of the Hazelveare.


    My wife Helen and I are very fortunate in our resident staff in Hazelveare. We have a wonderful domestic team, led by our matrons, Ceci and Erica who are an integral presence in the House and help create the ‘home away from home’ feel. We are supported by Jack Malden, our Assistant Houseparent, who also teaches Business Studies and Economics.


    Hazelveare’s doors are always open and we would be delighted to invite you to come and visit us and experience a Hazelveare House welcome.


    Tom Shedden


    Houseparent: Mr Tom Shedden

    Email: sheddent@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Mr Jack Malden

    House Tel: 01256 860341


    Junior House sits proudly in its own grounds at the western edge of the College boundary. Its wonderful symmetry allows us to be the only co-educational boarding house at LWC with a clear demarcation between the girls and boys ends of the House. The House is a home to all our 1st and 2nd Form pupils, from Day to Full boarders, and has been updated over the years with some excellent facilities; a music practice room, games room, quiet rooms, prep rooms, dining hall, a computer room and bright, spacious dormitories.


    Surrounded by its own playing fields and gardens, the children have plenty of space to play and socialise. There is a busy Friday night programme of activities that both year groups can take part in and boarders enjoy the many trips that are offered at weekends.


    At Junior we aim to develop independence and also promote the benefits of the wider opportunities that the College has to offer. The pupils are encouraged to fully engage in the co-curricular programme; to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to try something different in their first couple of years. Simultaneously we aim to embed and to develop important character traits that will allow the children to fully blossom on their LWC journey.


    The house is well staffed to enable us to create a home from home atmosphere. We have two wonderful matrons, Patsy and Carly and a boarding team of five residential staff, including Miss Natalie Bastiman and Mr Jamie Lancey, our Assistant Houseparents, who look after the late evenings and weekends. Pastoral care is further enhanced by tutors who visit the House at other times along with Nicole Jinadasa, our Academic Head for 1st and 2nd Form.


    Please do come and visit us at Junior in the near future and we will be happy to show you around.


    Pete Maidment

    Houseparent: Mr Pete Maidment

    Email: maidmentp@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparents: Natalie Bastiman and Jamie Lancey

    Academic Head of 1st and 2nd Form: Mrs Nicole Jinadasa

    House Tel: 01256 860235


    Park House is an encouraging and dynamic place which is full of laughter. At the heart of it is a brilliant group of young women who are forward thinking, compassionate and exciting people who are supported by a fantastic team of staff.


    Our House ethos is Positivity, Acceptance, Resourcefulness and Kindness. Kindness is central to all we do in Park and we actively champion each other’s achievements which makes it a vibrant place where the girls work together as a family. We believe at Park that education is not limited to the classroom; it is about cultivating an atmosphere, a culture, which encourages pupils in their own endeavours but also brings them together as a cohort, as a collective voice.


    At the heart of the House (whether as a Day pupil, a Flexi, a Weekly or a Full boarder) is the aim to inspire pupils to find out what makes them tick as an individual and to allow them to thrive in a safe and nurturing environment.


    The House is a beautiful old barn conversion, situated at the top of campus looking out onto expanses of fields and woodland. With our own sunken garden, there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with the other houses and year groups at BBQs and Tea Parties throughout the year.


    I am very lucky to have such a superb staff team, including 6 Tutors, 2 Matrons (Jackie & Mel) and our Assistant House Parent, Kate Henley. All staff play a pivotal role in supporting the girls both academically and pastorally and it is this family environment that makes Park home from home. Tutors encourage the girls to challenge themselves academically, whilst adopting exceptional A2RH habits and stretching themselves with the vast amount of opportunities we have here at LWC. We want all pupils to know that they are not the sum of their grades but the sum of their actions. We also want them to be graciously confident in their abilities, to be voices of change, embrace leadership opportunities and to look outside of LWC for wider enrichment opportunities such as charity and outreach.


    Do come and visit us at any time so that you can get a feel of the house and how it encompasses all of LWC’s values; we’d be delighted to give you a tour.


    Holly Hunter-Wright

    Houseparent: Mrs Holly Hunter-Wright

    Email: hunterwrighth@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Miss Kate Henley

    House Tel: 01256 860361


    The beautiful façade of School House dominates nearly every publication produced by the College. Without doubt, the building is iconic, with some stunning, eye-catching architecture, but one would need to step inside the front door to get a real sense of what this boarding house has to offer.


    Invariably, one would be met with a warm welcome from one of our two lovely Matrons, Helen and Alison. The spacious hallway and winding staircase portray both a sense of freedom and aspiration and it would not take long to come to the conclusion that School House is a happy place to live, work and relax.


    School House is supportive yet competitive and with an inclusive environment that is central to everything we do. Whether you are a Day boy, Flexi Boarder, Weekly Boarder or Full Boarder, a family atmosphere is fostered within and between year groups. This is a House where you thrive as an individual but its inclusive culture is also enviable.

    We are fortunate to have a highly experienced team at School House; Lewis Starbuck is Assistant Houseparent and our exceptional matrons, complete the day-to-day support of the boys in House. There is also a very strong tutor team with many years of pastoral experience to help the academic and holistic well-being of the boys.


    On a personal note, I’m married to Wendy (an engineer from Chicago) and I have been a teacher with pastoral responsibilities for over 20 years. I have three teenage sons and have therefore experienced a huge amount from a parenting perspective. School House now includes an additional 76 teenage ‘sons’!


    The House’s location at the very heart of the College means that the boys have access to all the nearby facilities including the playing fields right outside the front door and a short walk to breakfast, lunch and supper in the school dining room. The House has a large common room, a games room with full size snooker table, a massively sociable kitchen area for all boys, as well as a Sixth Form kitchen of their own. School House also benefits from May Court, a great central courtyard area for entertaining and unwinding, that is often used for BBQs during one of Hampshire’s warm evenings. Senior boys in the House take responsibility for assisting the younger boys with their academic studies, as well as running the Friday evening activities, House socials, the tuck shop and charity activities in House. This is a truly remarkable House, made up of remarkable boys.


    Please do come and visit us at School House in the near future.


    Russell Fisher

    Houseparent: Mr Russell Fisher

    Email: fisherr@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Mr Lewis Starbuck

    House Tel: 01256 860298


    The heart of Summerfield House centres around it’s focal point, ’The Well’, which is at the bottom of the main staircase through which everyone comes and goes. The atmosphere is one of calm, and there is a real community feel here as the boys eat breakfast, catch up with work or debate the latest news on wide ranging topics from politics to reality TV. Newcomers are always warmly welcomed, with our superb Sixth Form taking the lead with many of the activities and social events going on throughout the year. 


    The Sixth Form prefects believe passionately that making an impact on students in and out of the House is vitally important. The foundation and culture of Summerfield is based on our IMPACT statement – Inclusive, Make a Difference, Proactive, Attitude (that is positive), Communicative and Team player. The statement is used throughout the school in a variety of settings such as classroom, sports field and around the campus. The boys in Summerfield are a close team, striving for excellence wherever this may lie.


    Summerfield’s wonderful matrons, Carol-Anne and Angie, ably run the domestic side of the House as well as the ever popular House tuck shop. There are five visiting tutors each week, Mr Hamilton, Mr Kimber, Mr Lumsden, Mr Rodriguez and Mr Bachelor, who assist supervising prep time. The boys generally work in their own rooms each evening, although opportunities do exist for some to work downstairs in the Well or Quiet Room, alongside the duty master.


    I teach Sport Science and Academic PE and have a passion for football, cricket and hockey. I live in the House with my wife Emily and our two young boys plus Willow the Basset Hound. Our excellent Assistant Houseparent, Mr Tom Batchelor lives in Summercroft next door.


    Summerfield has a wonderfully warm, homely atmosphere and you are very welcome to visit.


    Dave Beven


    Houseparent: Mr David Beven

    Email: bevend@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Mr Tom Batchelor

    House Tel: 01256 860374


    Sutton sits towards the South end of the campus surrounded by stunning green space, rolling hills, fields and woodland. We are fortunate enough to have outstanding facilities and spacious accommodation – it used to be the manor house of Long Sutton Village. The short walk away from the main College buildings allows us to foster a very strong sense of community and house spirit.


    We are not ones for buzz words, but two words at the forefront of our vocabulary are support and responsibility. If things don’t go as planned, or mistakes are made – which, incidentally, is allowed to happen in the House and beyond – we do all we can to support those in question.


    We believe fully in education as a team effort and we aim to communicate and involve parents every step of the way. I’m supported in House by a team of excellent tutors, our wonderful matrons, Becky and Sue and my second in command, Ed Firth, our brilliant Assistant House Parent.


    We expect our young men to take responsibility for their lives; the bigger picture is that when they leave school they will be fending for themselves to a greater degree and there is no better place to start learning how to do this than in the caring and compassionate environment in which we are so lucky to live.


    Please do come and visit us at Sutton.


    Max Gaulton


    Houseparent: Mr Max Gaulton

    Email: gaultonm@lordwandsworth.org

    Assistant Houseparent: Mr Ed Firth

    House Tel: 01256 860241