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A lasting legacy


Lord Wandsworth College has an extraordinary history that began, as you know, with the bequest of one generous and visionary man, Baron Sydney James Stern. Educating Foundationers at LWC remains a guiding principle. Keeping College facilities up to date and delivering excellence in teaching and learning are also essential. Legacy gifts play a crucial role. A legacy is an easy, tax-efficient way to leave a lasting tribute to LWC that will mean so much to future generations of pupils.


This February (2024) we are excited to launch our new free will writing service to the entire LWC community.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page to find all the information you need to access this service.


Why leave a legacy

A legacy is a simple and flexible way to give a gift. Understandably, making provision for our loved ones after we are gone is a priority. However, many Sternians and parents have also decided to set aside something for Lord Wandsworth College. Leaving clear instructions will ensure the College uses your gift in the manner you intended and there are three distinct options which you can read about further in our Legacy Brochure below.


1961 (Classroom)

Legacy Ambassador


“LWC encouraged me to do the things I was good at, thereby giving me a self-confidence and a positive outlook on life which has never left me. John Merriman encouraged a love of drama and literature which means that, even now, I still read a new book every fortnight. Tony Woolstone taught me law and then encouraged me to become a barrister. And Tony Whibley saddled me with a passion for cricket (at which I was and remain hopeless). But, best of all were the friends I made. Most were, like me, Foundationers.  I owe LWC everything, so leaving The Foundation money in my Will is the least I can do to say ‘thank you’.”


The Rt Hon Sir Peter Coulson (1976, Sutton, B094)


Legacy Brochure

We appreciate there are many demands on your finances that may preclude you from making a gift right now. However, a legacy is an easy, tax-efficient way to leave a final tribute to LWC that will mean so much to future generations.  You can leave a gift to The Foundation, The Sternian Trust Fund or to another one of our projects or appeals.


For more information on leaving a legacy in your Will please see our brochure.  Alternatively do not hesitate to get in contact with the Philanthropy & Alumni Relations Office to ask any questions:


philanthropy@lordwandsworth.org   |   01256 860297


Legacy Society

The 1912 Society is for those who have generously decided to leave a gift in their will to Lord Wandsworth College. The majority of members choose to support The Foundation but others leave bequests which support other areas of the College.


As a member of the society you will be invited to an exclusive annual activity as well as receive invitations to other College events throughout the year. We will also keep you up to date with appropriate news and show you the impact donations have on the College. You will also receive a beautiful pin badge which we hope you will wear with pride to College events.


To become a member of The 1912 Society please complete the Legacy Form above. There is no obligation to inform us of the level of gift you plan to leave, unless you wish to.


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Free Will Writing Service

We have partnered with expert will writers, Octopus Legacy, to make writing your will even easier.  Choose your preferred option: 

  1. Write your will online, click below

  2. Write your will over the phone, 0800 773 4014

  3. Book a face-to-face meeting, 0800 773 4014

Whilst there is no obligation when using this service, we hope you will consider leaving a legacy to one of the following:

  • The Lord Wandsworth Foundation

  • Lord Wandsworth College

  • The Sternian Trust Fund