F Extras DW 2023

Funding extras to enrich the lives of our Foundationers beyond the classroom

We want all pupils to flourish at LWC and make the most of everything that is on offer, to support their growth and learning. An education at LWC should be a rich and rewarding experience, with the opportunity for all to explore their talents.


A Foundation Award covers the fees, but does not extend to the incredible array of ‘extras’ on offer at LWC, or basic items for College life such as uniform, equipment or sports kit. The Extras Fund is there to help with this and amounts to approximately £65,000 a year.


Please take a look below at just some examples of ‘extras’ the Fund supports.


If you believe like us, that it is essential for Foundation pupils to have equal access to these ‘extras’, then please support our Foundationer Extras campaign and donate today.