Stretch &


Aiming High


What can be more important for a school than to allow its pupils to aspire? At LWC, we have a deserved reputation for nurturing young hearts and minds.


No project which focuses on the purely academic will truly deliver our responsibilities as a school. Equally, education which does not stretch and challenge denies pupils the chance to deepen and enrich their understanding of the world in which they live.


All pupils, whatever their academic level, can benefit from stretch and challenge within their academic studies. Our Aiming High programme, led by Dr Esther Haydock, encourages the very best from our pupils whether they are academic scholars, aspiring Astronomists or those just looking to delve further into their subjects.

Vets and Medics


Vets and Medics is a co-curricular activity which takes place on Saturday morning and is run by Mrs Mackenzie. It is for Lower and Upper Sixth Form students who aspire to become either a Vet, Doctor or Dentist.


The focus is to identify the skills and experience that each individual student needs to secure a place for their chosen path. Certainly, the first step to securing an interview requires a stand-out personal statement and good UCAT score and this is something which we concentrate heavily on, giving students both confidence and a strong basis for their UCAS application.


However, students also need to be exposed to current issues and thinking in their field, and to be able to reflect on this. Our Saturday mornings facilitate peer discussions around these important topics to expand a student’s knowledge as well as building their confidence for interviews.


In Upper Sixth, the focus shifts to the selection process and practicing the skills required for the many different types of interview carried out by the Universities.


The journey towards a Dentist, Vet or Doctor is an exciting one and our Saturday morning focus group aims to enthuse and motivate our students along the way. Students are also supported at other times as needed and are always encouraged to suggest ideas and activities for us to pursue.