Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


The EPQ comprises a single piece of original work, (either a 5,000 word essay or a product) of the student’s choosing, that shows evidence of planning, preparation and research, reflecting 90 hours of independent study and 30 hours of taught research skills.


It was developed with the intention of strengthening the programmes of study by testing a wider range of skills and to provide a ‘tool kit’ of expertise that better prepares students for higher education and employment. Oxbridge candidates are expected to take the EPQ.

What skills will you learn?

  • How to identify, design, plan and complete an individual project.

  • To apply organisational skills and strategies.

  • To research and select information from a range of sources and analyse data.

  • To demonstrate an understanding of connections and complexities of a topic.

  • How to use technology to solve problems.

  • To think critically, creatively and flexibly.

  • How to evaluate your own learning and performance.

  • A range of communication skills to present your conclusions.


Will it help your University application?


The EPQ constitutes half an A Level at A2 standard (70 UCAS points maximum) and is graded A*-E. Universities greatly value the EPQ, as it is evidence of higher level academic skills. It can be a differentiator when being offered a university place, particularly for competitive courses.