The opportunity to explore the world of Business, and study how the little and large operate, gives us a nudge along the road to understanding modern enterprise.


Business is the study of the major functions that any modern organisation undertakes, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources. Teaching is case study based and is focused on real world examples.

Edexcel Business: Assessed in three exams.

  • Paper 1 – Markets, People and Global Business

  • Paper 2 – Activities, Decisions and Strategies

  • Paper 3 – Investigating Business

The three papers allow pupils to demonstrate skills across the range of subject content studied.


The initial focus of study is the four core business functions of Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources.


Once the basics are cemented, the students are introduced to a variety of strategic theories and models, which can be used in the decision making of the organisation.


We encourage the students to further develop their critical understanding of how different types of businesses operate within different market situations, and how strategic decisions impact functional areas in various types of organisations.


We regularly have visits and talks with business leaders who provide depth and insight to their ventures and provide guidance on how to be successful in the ever changing and VUCA world of Business.

Futures Fair 2023 v2

Business classrooms are interactive and engaging spaces to learn based in discussion and being engaged in problems. Students work collaboratively to solve problems. Students are encouraged to critically analyse and evaluate the scenarios they are faced with. They are encouraged to take a deep dive into the benefits of decision and the possible risks that they may take. Their thoughts and ideas need to be presented in evidence justified conclusions.