Chemistry is the study of matter. This unashamedly broad description is one that we embrace, as we encourage our students to look around them and take interest in all things.


Anything that can be touched, tasted, smelt, seen or felt is made of chemicals. Chemists are the people who transform the everyday materials around us into amazing things, but they all do not just wear white coats.


Some chemists work on cures for cancer while others monitor the ozone protecting us from the sun. The knowledge gained studying chemistry opens many career pathways. Food, agriculture, materials, petrochemicals, forensic, biomedical, biochemical, bioengineering, chemical engineering, education, geology etc. It is a prerequisite for medicine and veterinarian sciences.

Chemistry is a highly successful and popular subject throughout the school. It offers many enrichment and co-curricular opportunities from Year 7 to Year 13.


Exam Boards: Single Chemistry: AQA Chemistry 8462 Dual Award Science: AQA Combined Science: Trilogy 8464/C


The GCSE is a very extensive course and we begin teaching foundation topics in the 3rd Form. At the end of the 3rd Form pupils have a free choice to either study Chemistry as a separate GCSE subject or to take the dual (combined) award which has less material to be covered but still at the same level.


Chemistry specialists who are enthusiastic and experienced proponents of their subject and produce excellent results teach these courses in small groups in well-resourced laboratories. Pupils are encouraged to develop independent learning skills and are provided with a wealth of material, support workbooks, revision guides and course-relevant textbooks in hard and electronic versions. 


Exam Board: AQA GCE Chemistry 7405


We have a new state-of-the-art; small class sizes, specialist teachers and excellent technician support.

Knowledge gained through studying chemistry opens many scientific career paths but many students also use it to show their academic ability and go on to study unconnected fields such as Law or Finance.


Many of our Oxbridge candidates have studied Chemistry. There are many difficult and abstract ideas in A-level Chemistry, and we ensure pupils develop the level of intellectual enquiry and ability to take them forward into the world of work or higher education.