Biology is taught by our experienced specialist teachers, supported by a team of technicians in our fantastic new Biology labs within the Flowers Science Centre.


We have a strong tradition of students choosing to take Biology at A Level and then onto related courses at university.


Our excellent GCSE and A Level results are in no small part due to the dedication of our passionate staff who strive to motivate and stretch students across the curriculum, from 3rd Form to Upper Sixth.


Our ambition is for all students to have an enriched experience of Biology, relevant to them, whatever level they study to and to achieve this we offer many opportunities to explore the subject outside of lessons such as dissection club, field trips and our vets and medics group.


The 3rd Form curriculum (AQA) is about giving students solid foundations in the subject and includes topics such as cells, health and diseases. In 4th and 5th Form students expand and build on this knowledge by discovering how to treat disease, learning about respiration and ecology, and exploring the impact of humans on biodiversity, among many other topics.


Our Sixth Form attend a 3-day residential course which gives them the opportunity to complete the required ecology part of the course. This is just one of the many practical aspects which enriches their learning and prepares them to study the subject further at university should they so wish.


We have two Biology classes per year in Sixth Form which is testament to many of our students taking the subject at A Level. We follow the AQA syllabus which covers the following topics;

  • Year 1
    • Biological molecules
    • Cells
    • Exchange of materials
    • Genetic information and variation
  • Year 2
    • Energy transfers
    • Responses of organisms
    • Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
    • Control of gene expression