Government and Politics A Level prepares students for life beyond LWC by bringing the national and international scene into the very heart of rural Hampshire.


Politics provides students with the chance to discuss, debate and engage with some of the biggest questions facing humankind today. By understanding difference and dealing with disagreement, students will develop the analytical and evaluative skills they will need for further study and the world beyond.


Students are expected to work independently by reading contemporary political journalism, engaging with online political blogs and podcasts and taking advantage of top-class broadcasting from the BBC, CNN and other international media. The ability to write clearly, to think critically and to understand complex ideas is also a requirement.

The A Level course covers many of the key features of the British political system and goes on in the second year to compare this with that of the USA.


Students will be expected to use contemporary developments in the government and politics of both countries to argue for and against a political point of view. The chance to explore the way another country works is one which many students enjoy. It has a marked effect on their overall understanding of the world they live in.


Students will also study political philosophy. They will have a chance, alongside core political thought such as socialism and liberalism, to choose a specific area of study they are interested in as part of their studies. Amongst the list of options are anarchism, nationalism and feminism.