Sports Science and PE


We are an open and inclusive department encouraging physical and emotional development of all pupils as well as a thorough understanding of the science behind sport.

The department has expanded in the last 3 years to include 3rd Form lessons and GCSE to compliment the A Level and BTEC already delivered. 1st and 2nd Form have one practical lesson a week.


Our aim is for all students to follow a structured, progressive programme, introducing them to a variety of new sports, as well as gaining an understanding of components of fitness, training types and nutrition to aid their own performance.

Junior wheelbarrow

From 3rd Form through to A Level and BTEC, pupils will learn about physiological, psychological and socio-cultural issues concerning sport in the modern world. Lessons include theory and practical which are often interwoven into the syllabus. Pupils are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge to their own practical performances in lessons and whilst representing the school in sports. Some of the sports we introduce from 3rd Form are: Handball, Korfball and Lacrosse. Each pupil also undergoes a series of tests on each of the components of fitness during the course and applies this to their own sports, as well as learning how to improve each component.


GCSE pupils must offer 3 practical sports to be assessed as well as produce written coursework. This makes up 40% of the overall assessment. If candidates progress to A level they are then required to focus on just one sport for the assessment as well as an analysis of a contemporary playing their chosen sport. For BTEC candidates sit one exam at the end of the first year and then complete several coursework assignments throughout the course. 


3rd Form sit end of unit tests twice a term and will sit an end of year exam in the summer. Juniors are assessed subjectively throughout the course.