Cultural Fusion Exhibition

Estelle Benson | 14 December 2023

As the Cultural Fusion Exhibition by Oluwafemi Babalola draws to a close, we wanted to thank Oluwafemi for his inspiring work with our pupils.


The Prideaux Gallery has been alive with vibrant colour from this talented artist’s work which merges African art styles, patterns and story-telling with Western pop culture. ‘Femi’ has left his mark on LWC with an incredible portrait which now adorns the Classics department! He spent valuable time with our art scholars, encouraging them to explore new techniques to enhance their work. Our 2nd and 3rd Form enjoyed their workshop with him, trying out new ways to be creative and express their work more dynamically. Our pupils will be creating a mural, inspired by his work, outside the library next term!


His work explores themes of identity and cultural fusion through a blend of abstraction and realism, often incorporating hybrid African masks as a signature element. Vibrant colours play a vital role in evoking joy and excitement in his work. He explores the interplay between art and happiness through harmonious and contrasting colours, questioning the balance between structure and spontaneity.


Using mixed media, he creates familiar yet unexpected interpretations. In his series ‘Resurgence’, he gives life to discarded items and relates this to neglected people in society, inviting viewers to rethink their view on what makes art art.


See more of his incredible work here: http://@femiy_artmazing_african