Admm8h | 18 November 2022

Responding to the exciting news that LWC has again been named in the Top 100 Cricket Schools, Joint 1st XI Captain, Sam R, had this to say:


LWC Cricket means absolutely everything to me. It is what I look forward to all year. Having training sessions in the blazing sunshine after school and playing matches in front of a home crowd is the most amazing feeling. Having the support of all friends and peers at school is something that is very special here. It is a chance to show people that we can compete amongst the best of the best in the country.


I think that as a school we allow our youth to perform against the best schools. Especially over the last 2 years, there has been a major cohort of 4th and 5th Formers, and even a few 3rd Form, getting the opportunity to show what they can do! In my opinion, the focus that we have on girls’ cricket is outstanding. Mr Ikin is really ensuring that there is equity here and the girls are getting the same high-quality training as the boys. We train together on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and it is a good chance for us to bond.


Moreover, I think the best thing we do as a school is celebrating the achievements of individuals, whether that be in or out of school. An example of this was during the season last year, three of us were awarded the first ever LWC Cricket Honours Caps.



Personally, the thing I enjoy most about cricket is the team environment. Whether on the pitch, in the changing room or even going out for a team meal at the end of the season. I love seeing my teammates around school and having interactions with them, even if they are not in my year. The environment around training is amazing as well. We have a competitive nature but also an environment where we are trying to help each other improve.


LWC Cricket has allowed me to develop in a way which I would never have thought. I cannot be more thankful to the staff who have helped me. I have spent endless hours with Mr Ikin doing 1 to 1 batting sessions which have helped me so much. It has also allowed me to develop my leadership skills. From captaining the 1st XI twice in 5th Form, to being vice captain in L6th and now becoming joint captain, alongside Archie Oscroft, is a real honour. I have learned so many things about leadership and communication skills which are going to be vital for me going forward.


Our cricket facilities at LWC are second to none. The grass nets are always in pristine condition throughout the summer, with the grounds staff spending endless hours preparing and maintaining them after training. The pavilion was refurbished before last season and it is genuinely incredible. From what it used to be, to have a space that we can all be proud of and call our cricketing home, is such an amazing feeling. The pitches are unbelievable! The grounds staff create some absolute belters, which is such a soothing feeling when you win a toss and choose to bat on a sunny day at LWC!