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At LWC we place the coaching of the individual at the very heart of what we do. Our tutors believe in a coaching approach which is built upon us encouraging our pupils to dream big and be aspirational. Everyone has unique dreams and goals and the tutor’s role is to help each person identify their goal, identify where things are going right or wrong and then help them to find the answers to help them get there.  We want our pupils to feel that they have the responsibility and ability to solve their own problems. The tutor’s role is not to tell pupils what to do but to ask the right questions. It is not to tell them what they should be but encourage and motivate them to aim high and to believe that they can get there.

At LWC, tutoring has always been considered to be an important aspect of our role as teachers. We believe that individually focussed coaching of our pupils helps to boost academic performance and, more importantly, boost confidence and self-belief. We believe it is this that gives our pupils the platform they need to lead a happy and fulfilled life.