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Swimming Pool Building Gets Energy Efficient Makeover

The swimming pool building at Lord Wandsworth College has undergone a transformation not only to improve the look of the building but also to make it highly energy efficient.


The building which was a very poorly insulated structure on an aluminium frame  is now clad with highly insulated, high performance, high humidity specification panels providing excellent thermal insulation on a new steel framework – overall,  providing an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the pool hall.


A new heat recovery air handling system that reduces the number of air changes required to lower the pool hall humidity and, at the same time, recovers the heat that would normally be lost to displacement has been installed. This recovered heat is then used to supplement the energy required to maintain the pool water and hall temperature to the required comfort levels.  It is expected that, because of these energy efficient specifications, the pool energy consumption should be reduced by approximately 50% over that used previously.  Further savings are also anticipated with the use of a liquid pool cover that will reduce pool evaporation losses when not in active use and with the installation of a variable speed drive to the pool filtration circulation pump. The old fashioned fluorescent tubes were replaced by modern LED strip lighting to give better coverage and which will use less energy and which will greatly reduce maintenance and electronic waste.  Chris Prentice of UK NRG provided energy efficiency consultancy and the project was managed by Mancon Ltd.


The Chairman of Governors is very pleased with the new pool environment which will serve the College very well for the foreseeable future.  He was particularly pleased that the latest technology had been incorporated in the refurbishment in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce on-going costs.  He felt sure that all the pool users would be equally impressed with the re-build and would recognise that the 3 month project was worth waiting for.