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Supporting the Foundation

Lord Wandsworth College has an extraordinary history that began with the bequest of one generous and visionary man, Lord Wandsworth. Please help us to continue his legacy and to extend his vision into the future.

Our Foundation is a UK registered charity and every year we help 50 children who have faced really tough challenges at home. Some have lost one or both parents and are living with elderly relatives and in cramped conditions; some are living through chaotic home circumstances as illness overtakes their family lives. Some are trying hard to remain outside the care system.  Other single parents are simply trying to rebuild daily routines and remain in work while their children continue their education.

Our 100 years of experience show us that boarding school can help these children by providing a safe and stable environment where they can study, learn new skills and make friends. We work alongside some of the UK’s top educational charities and with generous donors to ensure that the cost of a place at LWC will be covered for the whole time the Foundationer is with us.

Last year it cost £1.2million to support our 50 Foundationers. Educational charities contributed nearly a quarter of these costs; parents’ contributions made up a further 17%. The remaining £800,000 was funded by the Lord Wandsworth Foundation, using donations from our supporters and income from school activities including letting our facilities and from our farm.

Our original endowment is now valued at £3 million and our aim is to build up a Foundationers’ Fund of £5 million that will create a reliable stream of investment income to contribute to the £800,000 annual expenditure.

Find out here how you can help the Foundation support the children who need us.

Building projects

Occasionally, there are projects around the LWC campus that require extra funding in order to add a little extra sparkle. Some of these projects are funded by the Friends of LWC; on other occasions we may ask our supporters to help.

We are currently looking at renovating the bell above the humanities classroom block (facing the acorn gates). If you would like to share your memories of the bell – who rung it and when? When did it finally stop ringing? – or help to fund the renovation, please contact development@lordwandsworth.org.