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Structure of the week

We follow a two week timetable with 6 x 50minute lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 4 x 50 minute lessons on Wednesday.  The whole of Wednesday afternoons are given over to sport and each other weekday there are activities or sports following the end of academic lessons.

Weekdays start with registration by 8.15am followed by either assembly or tutor time.  Lessons start at 9.00am and end at 3.45pm.  Activities and sports generally finish by 5.00pm for Juniors and 6.00pm for Seniors although they may sometimes end a little earlier or a little later depending on the nature of the sport or activity.

We have an optional Saturday morning programme (as described below) followed by a full programme of sports fixtures.


On Saturday mornings we have a programme which is designed to help produce more inquisitive learners – and not just in the classroom. Saturday mornings is all about CHOICES.  It is a non-uniform day to ensure it feels different from the normal working week.  The programme starts at 9.30am and ends at 11.30.  Full boarders are expected to participate but the programme is optional for all other pupils; however, most pupils do participate.

The Saturday programme gives pupils the freedom to:

  • try things that they would not normally have the opportunity to experience
  • challenge themselves and develop character
  • stretch their intellectual passions
  • find the additional support they need to consolidate their learning
  • explore their inner creativity

The available courses are divided into 3 areas:


These are courses that will spark a new interest. Examples include:

  • Mandarin
  • Build your own computer
  • History debating


Creativity is often stifled by the rigorously assessed educational process.  We want pupils to explore their creativity through many different means in an informal and supportive environment. Examples include:

  • Chinese painting
  • Drama skills
  • Photography
  • LWC TV


Some pupils need extra guidance and attention in certain subjects or to extend themselves beyong the curriculum. These courses include:

  • Subject based clinics
  • Extended project
  • Oxbridge preparation
  • Rugby skills