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Pupils are Inspired at Buzzing Careers Fair

The annual Lord Wandsworth College careers fair took place this week and was, for the first time, also attended by pupils from The Costello School in Basingstoke.

It was a diverse and stimulating afternoon, with just under 40 parents and alumni from a wide range of professions and sectors on hand to talk to pupils, including a former MP, jeweller, accountant, engineer, architect, scientist, pilot, music industry manager, quantity surveyor, film maker and actress.

Over 400 pupils from 3rd Form to 6th Form were eager to meet the delegates and ask questions about what their jobs involved.  Delegates offered encouragement and advice on how to choose a career and emphasised the importance of developing the right thinking and communication skills. 

Rupert Gardner from The Costello School said “We were very grateful to be invited to the careers fair at Lord Wandsworth College where over a large selection of companies, businesses and career paths were being demonstrated and explained.  Our students had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of representatives and business leaders ranging from professional rugby players to airline pilots, goldsmiths to racing car designers and even the CEO of Vodafone UK!  The delegates were able to explain their choices for further and higher education, their changing career paths and their hopes and aspirations for the future.  It gave a unique insight into the world of work, and the path that people took to reach their current employment which hopefully inspired our students as they make their choices for the future.”

Sharon Allmark, Head of Careers and Higher Education at Lord Wandsworth College said, “We are so grateful to the parents and Sternians (alumni) who gave up their time to provide pupils with an invaluable insight into their inspirational careers and career paths. The advice given to pupils on making choices and on career development is priceless and will be of great value to them in their future decision making.”