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Monitoring Progress

At Lord Wandsworth College, we are not driven by data. We do believe in carefully monitoring each child’s progress in order to ensure they are developing the right attitudes and habits necessary for being self-aware learners. This approach enables us to challenge everyone to be the best learner they can be, as well as to identify where additional support is required and to further challenge our most gifted and talented pupils.

Houseparents, tutors, Heads of Department and teachers are available to discuss progress with parents at any time. Feedback is frequently offered; there is at least one parent/teacher evening each year, all pupils receive regular reviews of their attitude to learning, parents and pupils have access to the results of termly assessments in each department, and every pupil receives a fully detailed report each year.

Progress Monitoring includes:

* Equipping each pupil with an academic planner where each day’s homework (Independent Study Time) is carefully logged for inspection by tutors. Some pupils also choose to use their planner apps that link to the College’s VLE;

* Providing each pupil with a personal tutor who, along with houseparents, takes responsibility for monitoring, advising and supporting progress.

Additionally, Every Three Weeks:

* All pupils receive ‘AtoLs’, a review of their attitude to learning during the period on a scale of 1-7, with 7 being the highest;

* 4th - 5th Form pupils receive ‘challenge grades’, grades it is believed they should aspire to, with performance measured in grade reviews;

* Pupils meet with their tutors to discuss their AtoLs or test results and to arrange for extra monitoring or help if required;

* Parents receive a copy of their child’s AtoLs, as well as their report and their end-of-year exam results with feedback.