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Learning support

Learning Support


All our pupils are screened in 1st, 3rd and 5th Form using spelling, reading and numeracy tests, if possible, through English and Maths lessons.  The results from these tests are made available to all academic staff.  Individual pupils are screened from time to time as deemed necessary by the SENCO.

Referrals by Members of Staff

All staff are free to talk directly to the SENCO regarding concerns over individual pupils.  The SENCO decides on the appropriate course of action and where necessary consults other subject teachers, the tutor, houseparent and parents.

Individual Tuition

The parents of pupils recommended for individual tuition are contacted by the SENCO to seek approval for tuition to go ahead. Tuition is usually provided by the SENCO or another designated member of staff.  Tuition takes place at any convenient time in the week and may cut across lessons, assemblies or activities but regular tuition across lessons will operate on a rotation. In some rare cases a pupil may be recommended to drop a GCSE subject in order to improve their performance in the remaining GCSEs.  This may provide time for tuition but would not occur without full consultation with subject teachers, tutor, houseparent and parents.

Staff awareness of SEND pupils

The SENCO visits all departments and advises them on appropriate provision for the pupils with SEND within their subject areas. The SENCO advises tutors of relevant pupils in the 3rd Form of suitable GCSE courses prior to the GCSE options meeting.  By arrangement the SENCO can offer support to individual pupils in lessons if this is felt appropriate. All Heads of Departments are responsible for the provision for pupils with special needs within their department.  All departments have a written statement of their special needs policy in their departmental handbooks. The SENCO provides all relevant departments with a prĂ©cis of individual pupil educational psychologist reports together with recommendations on addressing the needs of the individual pupil.

Special examination arrangements

Prior to sitting their full GCSEs pupils with SEND have some opportunity to practise using exam concessions e.g. in their 4th form exams and mocks. In internal examinations for 1st to 3rd form pupils special arrangements are given where possible, or the appropriate allowances will be made by staff in their marking.

For students joining us at 3rd form, JCQ guidelines (who overlook all exam arrangements and concessions) state that: "for Access Arrangements for exams a specialist report must be completed by a school linked specialist assessor from the September of entry." When a student joins us at this level we contact parents/ guardians to organise this assessment where we believe exam arrangements would be required for a student.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Differing levels of support are provided for those pupils whose first language is not English.  Students’ grasp of English as well as their future intentions are established once they arrive.  Teaching is provided by qualified specialist staff in a supportive environment where diversity is celebrated.