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We do everything possible to ensure that our 6th Form students achieve examination success and secure offers from their chosen universities.

Our 6th Form syllabus includes many traditional, robust subjects, To provide a much broader learning platform and a solid appreciation of the skills that universities have identified as important, we also provide the opportunity to study the AQA Baccalaureate. This rigorous academic qualification is available to any student studying at least three A Levels. Further details of our 6th Form curriculum and subjects on offer can be found on the 6th Form curriculum page.

Monitoring Progress

At Lord Wandsworth College, we are not driven by data. We do, however, believe in carefully monitoring each student’s progress, in order to ensure they are learning as planned. This approach enables us to identify where additional support is required and to further challenge our most gifted and talented students.

Houseparents and tutors are available to discuss progress with parents at any time. There is a parent/teacher evening each year and all students receive a full report twice yearly.

Progress Monitoring includes:

  • Equipping each student with an academic planner where each day’s homework (Independent Study Time) is carefully logged for inspection by tutors
  • Providing each student with a personal tutor who, along with houseparents, takes responsibility for monitoring, advising and supporting progress

Additionally, Every Five Weeks:

  • 6th Form students receive ‘challenge grades’, grades it is believed they should aspire to
  • Students meet with their tutors to discuss their grades and to arrange for extra monitoring or help if required
  • Parents receive a copy of their child’s challenge grade reviews

Encouraging Individuality

When you come and visit LWC you will quickly realise that there is no such thing as a typical Lord Wandsworth College boy or girl.

After all, with just 160 students in the 6th Form, small class sizes and a particularly spacious campus environment and without the constraints of a traditional school day – we have the time and space to help each pupil find something in which they will truly excel.

Showing every pupil how they can succeed and encouraging them to ‘have a go’, we offer a ‘high challenge – low threat’ learning environment.

Giving each student the freedom to spread their wings and succeed in whichever direction they choose, we are delighted regardless of whether they thrive academically, creatively, musically or on the sporting field.

Well-rounded individuals who use their time wisely, Lord Wandsworth College boys and girls leave us ready and able to make their mark on the world.