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International Pupils

We have a number of pupils from overseas at the College and we welcome the extra dimension they bring to school life. LWC is ideally placed for travelling to and from Heathrow / Gatwick / Southampton and airports.

All non EU students whose parents live abroad must have a guardian in the UK who they can go to for half terms and exeat weekends.

Overseas students and their parents have many questions about studying in our school; to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions please click here.

We are a UKVI licence holder and are able sponsor international pupils under the UKVI Tier 4 system.

Applying for a place

For pupils applying from overseas, and whose first language is not English, entry is normally via the following test papers: 

Year 7 - Year 11  International Pupils
English and Mathematics 

Year 12 (6th form) International Pupils
English + Papers in the subjects to be taken at A Level

Although pupils do not need to have taken an IELTS test prior to entry, the expected level of English for 6th form applicants should be IELTS 5.0+.

The test papers for all pupils can be sat at College or may be taken elsewhere provided adequate invigilation can be guaranteed. Supporting references must be provided.

If possible, we like pupils to visit the College for an interview. Occasionally, place offers are made prior to a candidate visiting us and in such cases the offer will conditional upon a visit or Skype interview. Where relevant, offers may also be conditional upon achieving a minimum of 4B grades at GCSE (or the equivalent examinations).

If you would like to apply for a place please download your registration form here.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

It is expected that all students from overseas have a high level of written and spoken English prior to applying for a place.

All pupils for whom English is not their first language are assessed to establish whether there is a need for EAL tuition. EAL lessons are either taught individually or in small groups depending upon the need of each student. We offer two free lessons a week to most international students with any further EAL lessons being charged as extra.

EAL lessons will generally replace another academic subject on a pupil's timetable.