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The Foundation

Our mission is to help children who have lost the support of one or both parents through death, divorce or separation and require a caring and supportive boarding environment in which to thrive.

The Lord Wandsworth Foundation was created in 1912 on the death of Lord Wandsworth. The history of the Foundation is a fascinating story of the development of the College.

The Foundation is at the heart of life at LWC today. Read more about one of today’s Foundationers and learn how the Lord Wandsworth Foundation has supported her through difficult times.

The Foundation is led by a team of trustees, all of whom are governors of LWC and live in our local community. The day-to-day running of the Foundation, including the selection of Foundationers is handled by our Foundation Secretary. The Foundation Secretary also works alongside the Development Director to promote the work of the Foundation.

If you or someone you know has lost the support of a parent and could benefit from an outstanding and caring education at LWC, please read our advice on applying for a place or contact our Foundation office at foundation@lordwandsworth.org

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