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Dr Faustus for the Smartphone Generation

Students at Lord Wandsworth College performed a powerful, all male production of Christopher Marlowe’s classic tragedy, Dr Faustus, to great acclaim.

The tale of a man who sells his soul to the devil for 24 years of absolute power was given a school-based twist and setting. Using screens and light boxes, the production managed to create distinct locations and moods to support Faustus’ descent into hell. Comic set-pieces, including the disruption of a papal event, were imaginatively realised and skilled ensemble work brought the seven deadly sins to life in an under-stated, but powerful way.

5th former, Laurence W, produced an outstanding performance as Faustus, capturing the arrogance and anguish of his journey before delivering a formidable rendition of the powerful soliloquy that concludes the play and left the audience numb, as the seven deadly sins gathered to claim their prize. Jamie R ably supported as the menacing Mephistopheles and was among many striking cameos from the eight-strong cast; Ben R’s self-absorbed Emperor and Billy D's seductive Duchess also stood out.

Headmaster, Adam Williams, said, ‘It was an inspirational performance by these young actors, who toyed with the audience’s emotions throughout under the exceptional direction of English teacher Mr Machin.  As always, it is a privilege to see work of such quality in our purpose-built drama centre.”