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Boarding Houses

We prefer to think of our boarding houses as genuine homes from home.

Warm, welcoming and well equipped, each boarding house is run by carefully selected houseparents – husband and wife teams who provide a first point of contact between school and home.

Taking full responsibility for the care, academic progress and development of each child in their trust, houseparents also establish the rules, responsibilities and social activities that accompany everyday house life.

Living under the same roof as their extended family, each set of houseparents is supported by a caring matron and her team, a resident house tutor, a head of year tutor as well as visiting tutors (other members of teaching staff).

Houseparents oversee all aspects of each pupil’s life at Lord Wandsworth College and provide guidance, support and encouragement.

No matter whether they are a day pupil or a boarder, every boy and girl becomes a member of a boarding house on joining Lord Wandsworth College.