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Pastoral Care

Here at LWC we pride ourselves on the quality of the pastoral care we provide for all of our students.  Relationships between staff and students are excellent and the students have a wide variety of people who they can approach with any concern they might have.

This begins with the students themselves and our senior boys and girls play an active role in looking out for and helping the younger pupils.  We also have a peer support programme called Peer Mentoring and a number of students across the year groups and Houses have been trained as peer supporters and certificated as such. 

Every student also has a tutor, allocated by House up until the end of the fifth form.  Once a student enters the sixth form they have an element of choice in who becomes their tutor.  They may suggest someone who teaches them, or who coaches them or just someone with whom they have developed a relationship over the years and who they trust to support and advise them through their final two years at LWC.  Whatever stage the student is at, their tutor guides them in every sense; the academic, the pastoral, the social and the co-curricular. 

All students are also members of a boarding House, regardless of their boarding status.  In their Houses they enjoy the support of their Houseparent, their Resident Tutor/s, their Visiting Tutors and of course their Matrons! 

The Chaplain also visits the Houses on a regular basis and provides yet another source of invaluable support for the students.